Let’s empower women, create a healthy India with Myma

Ghar jaisa nahi, Ghar ka Khana!

Step into the world of Myma, a heartfelt initiative by Swayampoorna Foundation, where every kitchen holds the potential to transform lives. Our mission? To empower home chefs across India, enabling them to share their culinary magic and make everyone's life healthier and tastier.

At Myma, we're not just sharing food; we're weaving a tapestry of health, love, and community. It's about bringing back the authenticity of home-cooked meals, fostering independence among homemakers, and encouraging a culture of eating well. Join us as we embark on a journey to make home cooking a celebrated choice for every Indian household.

We've received tremendous support for our unique concept, because when it comes to food, nothing beats the taste and nutrition of a meal made at home. By joining Myma, you become part of a movement that cherishes and elevates the home dining experience, ensuring every meal is not just eaten, but cherished and shared.

Services Offered

Food Service

Transform Your Kitchen into a Culinary Stage

Dive into the heart of Myma's Food Service, where every meal is a masterpiece waiting to be shared. Embrace the joy of cooking while connecting with food enthusiasts eager to taste the authenticity of home-cooked meals. Experience the fulfillment of turning your culinary passion into a thriving venture, all from the comfort of your home.

Cooking Today

Share your daily menu and connect with locals craving homemade dishes.

Menu Card

Design your signature menu and offer your best dishes anytime.

Home Restaurant

Invite guests to dine in and experience your hospitality firsthand.

Customer Requests

Fulfill specific culinary requests and tailor your dishes to customer preferences.

Services Offered

Store Service

Market Your Homemade Products with Myma

Dive into Myma's Store Service and take your unique homemade food products worldwide. From savory spices to delightful sweets, showcase your specialty items stress-free — all the hassle is on us. Connect with customers craving that authentic homemade touch, expand your global reach, empower your business, and join a movement dedicated to promoting healthier living across communities.

Product Listings

Showcase your unique homemade products and attract customers nationwide.

Customer Requests

Respond to personalized requests and offer your customers exactly what they need.

Why join Myma?

Join Myma and turn everyday cooking into your thriving business.

Work from Home Kitchen

Cook as usual for your family, and earn by simply cooking a bit more for orders.

Free Marketing Material

Get personalized promotion materials with your photo and name, at no cost.

Business Training

Exclusive sessions designed for first-time businesswomen like you.

Empowerment Mission

Join a social initiative aimed at empowering every woman and creating a healthier India.

Zero Investment

Start your business without any initial investment, and grow at your pace.

Global Reach

Extend your culinary delights beyond local boundaries and connect with food lovers everywhere.

How It Works

Embark on Your Myma Journey: Simple Steps to Independence

Becoming a Myma is just a few taps away. Join our community of home chefs, turning their culinary passion into a thriving business from the comfort of their kitchens. Here’s how you can start your journey with us:

1. Register

Download the Myma app and sign up to start your new culinary venture.

2. Business Setup

Set up your business profile, create your menu, and get ready to showcase your dishes.

3. Start Selling

Begin your journey, receive orders, and start earning from your kitchen's comfort.

Happy Chefs

Hear from our Myma Family - the real taste makers!

“When I received my first order, I felt very special and extremely excited. Cooking something for someone else is a completely different feeling! Additionally, I had enough time to prepare the food. It was a very nice experience. Thank you, Myma Platform!”

Amruta Kanade

Homemaker & Myma Chef

“Being a Myma and serving healthy food is great experience! I feel very fortunate that I am able to do it! Thank you so much for creating a platform like this and helping every woman who wants to do something on her own, especially being at home!”

Sonal Kadam

Culinary Artist & Entrepreneur

“I like to cook and serve food... That's the only reason I registered as a Myma Chef! Thanks to the Myma Platform, I am able to provide home-cooked food to people who are searching for it. Thank you so much, Myma”

Pooja Vitkar

Innovative Kitchen Maestro

“I always wanted to do something from which I could earn, but due to certain reasons, I could not. Then one day, I got to know about Myma... Since that day, I have been daily publishing menus and serving homemade food. I have also bought a special gift for my husband with the money earned! Thank you so much, Myma.”

Shubhangi Kendre

Passionate Home Chef

“I love food, both eating and cooking it. I didn't know what to do with my cooking skills until I joined Myma. They explained everything to me. My experience with the Myma Support team has always been very nice.”

Devaki Bapat

Home Chef & Change Maker

“I felt very special and a different kind of happiness while cooking for Myma. I don't know what it is, I can't explain it in words, but it's a very happy, special feeling. I am able to experience it only because of the Myma app.”

Alka Kalane

Culinary Innovator & Visionary

Transform Your Cooking Passion into a Thriving Business with Myma.

Join the Myma family today and start your journey towards culinary independence and success.

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Myma App Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore More FAQs

Simply download the Myma app, sign up, and complete your profile to start sharing your culinary creations with the world.

From traditional dishes to contemporary cuisine, Myma welcomes a variety of homemade food that meets our quality standards.

No, We believe in empowering our chefs without any initial investment.

We provide marketing materials, business training, and a platform to connect with customers, all aimed at making your culinary venture a success.

Profits from your sales are directly deposited into your account, ensuring a smooth and transparent financial process.

Yes! Myma chefs have the freedom to set their own menus and schedules, giving you complete control over your culinary business.